12 Military Mottos for Entrepreneurs

“Sixty percent of Fortune 500 companies in 1970 are no longer in business today.”

In just 46 years, more than half of what were once the biggest U.S. corporations have been dissolved entirely. As shocking as this is, it supports the idea that business really is about sink or swim. In the spirit of life and death in the corporate world, Entrepreneur Network partner Patrick Bet-David shares a few military mantras to instill some grit in entrepreneurs.

Here are his 12 maxims, borrowed from real global militaries:

  1. Stay alert, stay alive.
  2. Whatever it takes.
  3. The only easy day was yesterday.
  4. Peace through strength.
  5. Molon labe. (Come and take them.)
  6. Better to die than to be a coward.
  7. Facta non verba. (Deeds, not words.)
  8. Si vis pacem, para bellum. (If you wish for peace, prepare for war.)
  9. Lerne leiden ohne zu klagen. (Learn to suffer without complaining.)
  10. No mission too difficult, no sacrifice too great, duty first.
  11. The hard we shall do today, the impossible we shall do tomorrow.
  12. Never above you, never below you, always beside you, oorah.

Click play to learn what these mottos mean and how Bet-David applies them to the business world.

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